About Us

We started Diamond Evolution with a simple question in mind: What does the future of diamonds look like?

Taking a deep look into the industry, we came to the conclusion that the future we saw wasn’t the future we wanted. We wanted optimism, green forests and a better tomorrow where diamonds are available for everybody.

Lab Grown Diamonds provided the future we were looking for. By partnering with forest initiatives, we wanted to create a brand that put the environment first.

Lab grown diamonds are high-quality certified diamonds, produced through cutting-edge technology replicating the formation of a natural diamond. They have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a natural diamond, with an equally brilliant sparkle. Like a natural diamond, lab grown diamonds are evaluated using the 4C's - cut, clarity, colour and carat.

Our Inspiration

We took inspiration from classic engagement ring and jewellery styles. These include solitaires and diamond halos, available in a variety of fancy shaped cuts. We use Certified North American Gold to ensure our gold is mined and refined in accordance with North American environmental laws.

How we Ensure Traceability at Every Step:

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers use renewable energy to create the stunning diamonds that are set in all our pieces, from center stone to melee diamond. These sources include wind, solar and nuclear energy. We only buy from suppliers who pass our green initiatives checklist.

North American Gold

Our products are made with 14K North American Gold. On special order, different carat weights and responsibly sourced platinum are available. We use North American gold as it is traced at every step of the refining process, from mine to final piece.  

A pear cut diamond with white shanks set in yellow gold sitting on top of a diamond evolution certificate.

Diamond Certificates

Each diamond over 0.50 ct. comes with an official certificate of appraisal This certificate lists the physical aspects of your diamond such as carat weight, colour grade and clarity grade.This certificate includes the laser scribe so you can easily insure your diamond.

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